2015 Delegation taken at a City Council Meeting



Welcome to the Torrance Sister City Association (TSCA)!

Through our sister city partnership with Kashiwa, Japan, we sponsor a number of programs each year with the goal of furthering international friendship across cultures.

TSCA is very grateful to the hundreds of volunteers from schools and businesses in the area who support Bunka Sai, our annual festival that raises funds for our student cultural exchange program and gives the South Bay community a taste of Japanese culture.

We appreciate the time and tremendous talents of our expert cultural performers whose presentations give guests an exciting, authentic and educational experience unmatched by any other community event.

We extend our deep thanks for the generous donations from the local business community, Members and friends to our hourly drawing, gift booth, program book, food booths and opportunity drawing.

The city of Torrance, Central Services, Cultural Arts Center staff and Cultural Arts Division provided valuable support with the facility, printing and site service.

Finally, a most humble and sincere thanks to Mr. Werner Willoughby who has expertly served as Chairperson of Bunka Sai for three years. Werner has managed hundreds of details, coordinated with vendors, volunteers, parents and many stakeholders insuring that this important event takes place smoothly.


Upcoming Events

May 11 - Association meeting 7:00 p.m. West Annex Commission Room

June 8 - Association meeting 7:00 p.m. West Annex Commission Room

July 7 - Torrance delegates depart for Kashiwa

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